In life, business and personal, is important to keep healthy habits and diet properly. Even though not always an easy and feasable option, is one of the best suggestion to try to strike a balance between working, exercising, eating healthy and reading as well as having constructive personal hobbies.
As a routine I started to exercise alternately between days of the week, leaving one day for my body to rest, this gives the body time to recover and the muscle to recover from training. This supported with a proper diet written by a dietician,even though I have to admit, dieting is the most difficult part, as the option for ready prepared food, such as hamburgers and pizza here are excessive. Helps with mental stability.
Not that I should complain, in fact is absolutely the opposite, about the life and the food here in Switzerland but to obtain certain goals, such as personal confidence, better posture, and better be able to manage my own time and a flexible schedule, training in the gym, or for what it counts, exercising wherever posssible, is always important. Moreover is important to drink plenty of fresh potable water, which is not always easy to observe as the market offer plenty of drinks which are considered the best for training and supported by athletes.
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