Technology and Future Trends

The rapid growth and development of technology in the last century is incredible, moreover it seems that all these innovative super ideas are just the beginning and as things stand right now, we are definitely going to enter an age of high-tech developments, moreover i think that the days aren’t too far when super intelligent robots will be doing most of the activities.

Even though we are not yet there, as technology is evolving and improving day by day, we can see new trends that could very well be a periscopic view of our grand future. Trends, especially based on technology, never go away, they just evolve and get better over time.

So, quickly looking at the top three technology and we see trends that we will possibly want to see in the future!

  • Internet of Everything
    A future where Internet of things (IoT) will be dominated by Internet of Everything.

For example – Self driving cars will appear everywhere in near future, and idea of blockchain (stored information in a shared ledger in a network), which can help connect other IoT devices with the vehicles is absolutely mesmerizing.

  • 3D

There is no doubt that the introduction of 3D took technology into a whole new level. Here everything can be viewed in three dimensions, such as designs and prototypes making it much easier to build up things. In short, 3D prints can speed up the process and can bring things into reality, which once just used to exist in our imaginations.

  • Wearable Technology

Google glasses, Fitness gears etc. are already in market. But these are just the baby steps as we walk into a future. Moreover innovative fitness gears, automatic medical procedures, aural communication devices, athletic device etc. are all going to add up to the list of upcoming future trends.

The role of technology in our life cannot be denied and a world with an absence of technology cannot be fathomed as everything is rooted in technology! The invention and innovation of new gadgets is proving that technology has actually helped us develop the way we live and it will develop further more as more class will be added to it, which will help technology to expand its territory in every field of work, making life much simpler, efficient and comfortable.