Antibody naturally generated

According to a research from the Swiss Italian University of Lugano (USI), describe two new non conventional antibodies which are generated from malaria parasites. From a study conducted at their Institue for Reasearch in Biomedicine (IRB), in collaboration with other public Trusts and Research Programmes in Kenya, Mali and Tanzania, it has been discovered that similarly to LAIR1, similar antibodies can be found from the so called elbow of the antibody. So that some chromosomes can be inserted into antibody with two different specifities (called bispecific antibody). “The results indicates that the new insertion mode, represent a further method of mechanism of antibody diversification that can be selected in the immune response against pathogens and exploited for B cell engineering to develop new therapeutic approaches.”
This research and discovery, suggest a new perspective on how the human body actually generates antibodies via molecular mechanism, and how the human immune response develop new insights on how to develop new antibodies.
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