Strategy Friday

Hello and welcome back to Strategy Friday, the place where i discuss strategies theories for organisations. Today topic is about the theory developed by professor Micheal Porter from Harvard Business School. This theory is used widely by organisations as a contrast to the Blue Ocean Strategy. I will discuss the Blue Ocean Strategy in my … Continue reading Strategy Friday

Digital Disruptive Technologies

Today’s topic of innovation management goes and discuss an important trend started by a research of Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. The topic is one of Technological Disruption. The main force, which allows small incumbents to compete against large players in the marketplace. Not everybody is aware of this trend in Innovation┬áManagement is almost 30 years … Continue reading Digital Disruptive Technologies

Developing an Innovative Company

Today’s post goes and explain the article discusses in HBR on Innovation, my main subject and research for this blog stub. Every Thursday I will try to put a blog article discussing an article or providing some hints on how to develop a company which is innovative and forward thinking. This maybe a naive point … Continue reading Developing an Innovative Company