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Blog creation most essential components

July 24, 2021 Ali Comments Off

For writing this article, I decided to think on what are the most essential components in creating a blog, taking example from this website and other blogs on the web.

To begin with, a blog, require a host, in this case for I decided to use as a host, because it allows all the plugins in the business plan, and has many Themes already available.

If you have other suggestions please be free to send me an email.

Moreover, a side from the host, the blog, requires also some content.

In this case, having a good writer, or editor is essential. In fact, writing a blog post, is much like writing a good article, which has to be clear to the point and not too long.

A side from the content, is good also to be knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimisation. There are many good guides on the Internet, and many tools. You can find them simply by google in SEO tools, moreover many plugin such as Yoast have free versions which can be installed.

Last but not least, another essential part is also imaging and design.

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions on what else a website requires and how to best reach the target audience, but as far as I know, these are the most essential components.