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March 19, 2020 Comments Off

Businesses worldwide are currently experiencing the worst global pandemic that happened for generations. I'm giving ideas on business ideas to do, insights on where to look for resources and suggestions. Outlook: This global

August 12, 2019 Comments Off

At first glance, outsourcing innovation management to a small business might seem risky but there are many advantages to external innovation management. By outsourcing corporate tasks like IT or accounting, the companies will

June 8, 2019 Comments Off

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May 31, 2019 Comments Off

Today topic is a discussion between a concept in innovation that is defined as type of innovation strategy. Nowadays, innovation discussion is clearly a critical dimension in any dynamic approach to business, as

March 28, 2022 Comments Off

As you might have noticed, I have been trying to update the blog to include informations about crypto. I found on the web various link of materials which is useful to check current

July 24, 2021 Comments Off

For writing this article, I decided to think on what are the most essential components in creating a blog, taking example from this website and other blogs on the web. To begin with,

August 23, 2020 Comments Off

Key success factors need to know. Digital Marketing is an ever evolving area of Business that is influenced by Technology, for that reason, We decided to present you, the top 10 digital

July 28, 2020 Comments Off

Corporate Strategies in Biomedical Companies What are the strategies adopted in Biomedical Engineering regarding their business development and corporate strategies? This blog post discusses corporate strategy and business strategy in the field of

July 3, 2020 Comments Off

Closed vs. Open Innovation Management in Biomedical Engineering Open Innovation has been growing in popularity worldwide. However, it has been a prevalent phenomenon in the USA (which started some 15-20 years back). But

June 2, 2020 Comments Off

Biomedical Engineering Projects nowadays range in various products. All of them are innovative projects. Digital tattoos, mind-reading exoskeletons, RFID implants for recreational activities, 3D printed drugs: new and amazing innovations are developing in

April 16, 2020 Comments Off

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, then you must be already aware of the complicated jargon that the industry seems to be full of. It can get a bit

October 19, 2019 Comments Off

Nowadays is important to have a keyword strategy when writing new content, as such, a tool like google keyword planner helps in establishing what are the main keywords that you want to cover.

October 19, 2019 Comments Off

Nowadays, there are many exhibitions that show the development of Technology and Industry worldwide. One of these exhibition is the InterAirport Show of Munich, which was happening from the 8th of October till