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Open Innovation VS Closed Innovation

Welcome to my blog, in this blog i discuss about innovation, management and business strategy. Today topic is a discussion between a concept in innovation that is defined as type of innovation strategy. Nowadays, innovation discussion is clearly a critical dimension in any dynamic approach to business, as it allows businesses to achieve and defend competitive advantage. Closed innovation, is the more classical approach to innovation, and in such, it develop patents, (intellectual property, licenses and grants) through formal means, and closed corporations. Open Innovations is more related to the… Read more Open Innovation VS Closed Innovation

Blogging Tuesday

What this blog post is about? Mainly this post is about blogging, as I will dedicate this section on a guide on what to write and how to post content that is found on the internet. 1. To start a blog has to have a title, in this case, the blog title is: BlogExperts 2. A headline A little word from the web. 3. Registration for the blog on WordPress or another host. 4. Customize the Blog by choosing a theme. 5. Write and post some content: And some content,… Read more Blogging Tuesday

Strategy Friday #4 Blockchain as an open innovation

Recently I have been reading a lot in regards of Business and Management, as a difference to the regular approach to corporate visits, which is something I would enjoy doing, however, haven’t been contacted to visit them and be given insight. So for this reason, if you enjoy reading about business, and would like a better insight, why not engage me in real person for a visit. Anyhow, today topic is something of a passion in which I have invested a little and have the chance of being around of… Read more Strategy Friday #4 Blockchain as an open innovation