Digital Marketing Top 10 facts


Key success factors need to know.

Digital Marketing is an ever evolving area of Business that is influenced by Technology, for that reason, We decided to present you, the top 10 digital marketing facts for success and fun.

The cut-throat competition that exists in the world of Business cannot be denied. There are over billions of websites online and even more number of businesses operating offline trying to make it big.

Marketing is a concept that is highly evolving for these businesses. But, be it traditional or digital marketing, they are ever-changing techniques. Marketers now evaluate measure and track strategies and implement them to review results. 

In a recent study, 50% of marketers said they believe digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing. Thus, it is safe to say, that realm of Digital Marketing is far beyond and far-fetched than traditional methods of marketing. Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is:

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Able to target the right audience
  • Capable of better results with a wider reach
  • Efficient as it is planned, tracked, and evaluated.

The power of online networking is immense, and Digital marketing captures this aspect to give efficient results to marketing campaigns. With effective tools, strategies, and popular online platforms, Digital Marketing is the need of the hour for every business out there.

 So, we have decided to list the top 10 fun facts of Digital Marketing, you need to know!

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Digital Marketing is an integrated concept that involves various holistic approaches to operating and marketing a business. From Search Engine Marketing and optimization to Influence Marketing and social media management, the system of digital marketing is vast and dense.

Here’s probably the top 10 Facts from different aspects of Digital Marketing that can help you understand its relevancy and importance.

Blogging is a MUST and is more crucial that you think!

Blogging is an inexpensive way to build brand awareness, provide relevant information, and add value to your customers. It helps increasing traffic, driving conversion, and getting your business a higher rank on the SERPs.

Did you know? Companies that blog more than 15 times per month get 5 times the traffic than those who do. Apart from this, Blogs have 63% more influence over purchasing decisions than the newspaper mediums.

This is why blogging relevant niche-related, with high-quality content and images, can help boost your business value and ranking online.

Email Marketing is not out-dated

There are over 3.8 billion active users of Email, and this number will only increase in the coming years. Think of Email as a currency in the web world. Every platform asks for your email address for just about anything!

Email Marketing is still rocking! It provides a cost-effective and effortless way to drive conversions and boost brand awareness.

Did you know? Emails are accessed by 88% more on mobile devices than a laptop. People want to receive upcoming offers and launches from their subscribed brands.

This is why you need to add an integrated Email Marketing strategy to your Business marketing.

Automated, personalized, and attractively created email copies drive in conversions and sales for your business and keep your customers engaged.


Why video blogging is on the surge?

Videos and Vlogging is trending in the world of Digital Marketing. Why?

Because it can boost your conversion and sales by 80% when added to strategic platforms like landing pages. Videos in platforms like Instagram can boost engagement by 650%

Almost 63% of businesses have started to use video content to attract and engage with their audience. Vloggers are highly regarded and post on multiple platforms.

Videos brings in a better ROI, builds trust, and drives sales. Over 57% of consumers said that videos gave them more reasons to purchase products. 

It is no surprise, as Videos engage the audience better, explains brand messaging and products, attracts attention effortlessly, and keep the viewers hooked! Video Marketing, product teasers, promos, etc. all help in influencing the buying decisions of customers effectively.


Content is and will always remain the king!

One of the most important aspects of your Digital Marketing, it’s a fundamental and everlasting rule of marketing in general.

Providing high-quality, relevant content that is based on one single aspect never goes out of style. It adds value to the customers and builds brand recognition and authority for your business.

Did you know? 82% of Business owners admit that content is critical and benefits their business and also almost 84% of people expect brands to create content

They are not just looking for products and services but, they look for relevancy, authority, and industry-value your Business brings. People tend to buy from brands they trust and admire.


Is your website optimized?

Optimizing is not just restricted to content or landing pages, it also comes down to your Website. Website Optimization is crucial to enhance the user experience, conversions, and traffic to your website.

A lot of factors come into play while talking about optimizing websites, like website loading time, graphics and design, the copy of the website, page responsiveness, mobile-friendly website, and overall structure of the website content.  

Over 46% of people state that they dislike waiting for the website to load and sites with loading speed of 5 seconds see longer average sessions. This seems fair. With so many websites available online, it doesn’t take much for your prospect to exit and browse and another site!


SEO is not just limited to keywords


Search engine optimization is a broader concept than just keyword research and content creation. It delves deep into titles, images, optimized websites, and landing pages, authority, and backlinks. In short, SEO is vast.

SEO is highly dynamic and changes according to changes in the Google algorithm updates. A whopping 67k search is performed on Google every second! Every Business strives to be noticed on the first page of SERPs. This is why, “Growing SEO” has been named by 61% of companies as their biggest priority for 2018, and will continue for years to come.

The SEO prioritizes both on-page and off-page tactics to derive maximum results from the strategies.


Why search engine marketing pays off?

Search Engine Marketing is highly effective in driving conversions. Why?

Because it easily targets audience, occupies the first page of Google SERPs that attracts the highest number of clicks and also re-targets audience whilst paying only for clicks obtained.

The PPC ads help build traffic to websites and boosts brand visibility. Integration of SEO and SEM can work wonders for your marketing campaigns.

Search engine marketing (SEM) will continue to capture the largest share of online spend at 47%. Businesses are gradually understanding their effectiveness and are employing SEM strategies in their Digital Marketing strategies.


LPO and CRO for Businesses

Landing pages are website pages that are specifically designed with one action in mind, which is to convert. It normally incorporates one call-to-action and unlike homepages doesn’t have any other navigation site to distract the prospect.

Businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages.

Landing pages consist of a persuasive copy, visually appealing imagery and a strong offer and reviews to support the business. It is really important to optimize a landing to derive the best results and conversions for your brands.

48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaigns and this is crucial for campaign messaging and influencing the prospect to take action.


How is your Business’s first impression?


What is the first thing a prospect recognizes businesses like Starbucks, Nike, and Adidas?

Their Logo.

Brand Designs and Logo are often underrated aspects of Businesses. But designs are more than just to add some visual appeal to text. 

The average attention span of humans is just 8 seconds! This is why Brands do whatever it takes to grab your attention. Whether it be through vibrant colors, attractive designs, and headlines, they leave no stone unturned.

Right designs help communicate the brand message, builds credibility, enhances brand-recall and recognition, and increase trust factor among the customers. Brand logos and designs are your first impression, it is a gateway to welcome your customer. You need to do it all takes to draw them in.

77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans while keeping a consistent logo can boost your conversion rates by 23%.


Social Media Marketing: Your key to success

Social media is no more just meant for posting attractive pictures and garnering likes and shares. For Businesses, it has become a tool they leverage to increase their leads, traffic and sales. Social media management helps boost brand awareness, brand trust, engagement, traffic and so much more!

81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform. Social media influences brand image and purchase decisions of customers as 54% of B2B marketers say that they have generated leads from social media.

This shows the positive impacts social media platforms can have on business and its performance.

 To conclude, what you have read is just barely scratches the world Digital Marketing and its statistics. The highly-calculated, result-driven approach of Digital marketers is helping to pave the path for proven online strategies and techniques. There are several already but the Digital world being highly dynamic provides for an exciting and challenging sector for marketers to work on.

How to master the strategic use of keywords in your Blogging Strategy


Over the years blogging as evolved as a platform that does more than just sharing ideas and information. Today, blogging is an intrinsic part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy, as it offers an endless scope to optimize your business website with an improved SEO.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO, keywords are the inputs that help your site rank high in organic search results. Hence, in order to achieve a higher and improved ranking for your website on search engines, you need to master the use of SEO keywords in your blog content. Here are some useful tips that will help you make an optimum use of keywords in your blogging strategy:

Tip 1 Use Keywords as Part of a Solution to a Problem

One of the first things that you must keep in mind while including keywords in your blog posts for improved SEO is to use them as answers to questions related to the topic in concern. By using keywords as an answer or solution to a problem put up in the article, you will be able to instigate a more genuine interest in your readers to go through the entire blog and grasp your brand message. Using keywords as part of the natural flow of sentences will also keep you away from keyword stuffing – a common mistake that is made by even the biggest of brands while blogging for marketing purposes.

Tip 2 Use Multiple Questions

Another creative way of using keywords in blogs created for your brand’s digital marketing strategy is to frame multiple questions around it. For instance, if you are writing a blog post about “choosing the best flooring”, it is a great idea to include multiple questions about this topic in the same post (like, “wood flooring vs. tile flooring” or “wood flooring features etc.”) By doing so, you will not only increase the frequency of the keywords used in one single blog post, but also add more useful information for your readers.

Tip 3 Create a Keyword Strategy that is Different from the one used by your Competitors

Thirdly, you must work towards creating a keyword strategy for your blog posts that is unique from the one followed by your competitor with a higher ranking. Find a better and different way to channelize your blogs with SEO keywords, and you will gradually improve your web ranking with increased leads.

Innovative trends in blogging that are important in 2019


Blogs have come a long way since their inception in 1994 by Justin Hall. Earlier blogs were used as a tool to express one’s thoughts and feelings, or interact with strangers telling them about one’s experiences. Although, blogs are still used for similar purposes, they serve a lot more purposes than before. Modern day blogs are used by various companies and businesses in order to get closer to their customer base, provide them with useful and reliable information and increase the authority of the website owner or blogger by proving expertise in a particular field. According to statistics, B2B companies that have a blog enjoy 67% more leads than those that do not have a blog. However, the trends in blogging are changing constantly and it is important to keep up with them in order to ensure highest profitability, visibility and interest generation through your blogs. are the best people to provide you with the latest and innovative trends in blogging that you need to follow in 2019, so as to keep enjoying a competitive edge in the market. Here are the two most important trends that you should follow.

Articles that perform well are also growing in length

Although a very real fact, most marketers prefer writing blogs that are within the word limit of 1150. Very few marketers actually write blog posts that exceed 2000 words. However, it is the later that is saying that their blogs have been performing as much as 3times more as compared to the former set of blog posts. This being said, stuffing extra words is not going to bring to you the desired results. Google uses LSI, also known as latent semantic indexing, in order to ascertain the relationship between different words in your text, and enabling the search engine to understand the topic of your blog post. This allows the search engine to provide intent based and relevant content to the users, thereby increasing its own user friendliness. Thereby, bloggers need to keep in mind that while optimizing their article, they should use subsets of a particular keyword, rather than a single one, in order to allow Google’s LSI to understand the relationship between the different lines of your blog in a better way, thereby increasing its chances of appearing at the top of the search engine when anything related to that topic is searched for by the user.

High frequency begets high success This is nothing strange and quite understandable. If your desire is to reap high profitability through your blog post publications, it is important that you maintain high frequency and post on a regular basis, so as to continue generating traffic to your blog site or website. However, the ironical thing is that only 2% of businesses in the entire world actually adhere to this rule and post blogs on a frequent basis. The statistics state that companies that post blogs more frequently (either on a daily or one-in-two-days basis) enjoys higher profitability and traffic as compared to those who do not. Once you start publishing on a regular basis, and post articles more frequently, providing your customers with valuable resources, you become a dependable brand, which people can trust. By becoming a viable source of information on a daily basis, you are able to enjoy the competitive advantage in the market; especially on a local scale, thereby allowing you the scope to explore bigger opportunities. Moreover, readers who are active in blog reading are very time sensitive and demand that information, which is fresh and new is delivered to them on a regular basis. If the reader is aware of the fact that you post new content on a regular basis, they would be more interested in visiting your website for fresh content, and utilize the same to learn something new about your field.

What is a Blog?


Is difficult today to miss the word blog. The word is mentioned in the media, and all over the Web, we even hear it in business and social situations. In many situations also the word blogger is not used to describe who write the blog, but also someone who earns its money through it.

What is a blog?

At this point, what exactly is a blog? Because you are reading this blog article, you probably needed a clearer idea on what it is, and this article is a good start.

To answer is possible to answer in many different ways, ranging from broad to a highly technical. To be as clear as possible, a blog is a particular type of site.

Many researchers have shown that although awereness of blogs is increasing, many people frequent this sites without realizing it.

This is good news, the point is that the readers get value out of it. Anyone who has been reading blogs for certain time, though, will understand that to blogging, there is more than just publishing a website.

Even thougu blogs started as personal journals, and informal list of link, nowadays it became something more of a varied medium. In addition to journals, links, now there are CEO blogs, educational blogs, marketing blogs – you say it!

What is it that makes blogs different?

If blogs are just different type of websites, what makes them so particular?

In my opinion there are three different areas of blog site that makes them different than regular sites:

  • Content – Blogs are usually updated more often than regular sites, and are this that keeps visitors coming back them more often. Content is often reverse chronological ordered, with the most recent article on the top and older toward the end.
  • Syndication – Not only followers can read blogs in their web browsers just like any other site, but a blog provides its content in the form of a feed. Meaning that a specific software can be used to read the site.
  • Conversation – The style of a blog is different from other types of sites, there is more of a community and conversational feel. Contrasting a just informational site, or a traditional news site, blogs are written with the blogger writing directly to the audience and replies are expected in the form of comments. Moreover the conversation also happen between blogposts attracting replies and responses form other sites.

Benefits of Blogging:

Blogging has many benefits, even if many bloggers enjoy writing, is not possible to overlook whoever makes money from it. Other goals are:

  • Fame: An effective blog allows for more recognition and a more visible profile in the marketplace, pastime or community.
  • Contacts: Blogs are an excellent way to get to know people and network, they naturally lead to conversation, and a well read blog put you in contact with a variety of contacts.
  • Traffic:  Attracting highly targeted visitors alone could be a big success, if you have products or services to sell. Site owners always looks for source of traffic, and blogs are a proven way to generate traffic.
  • Sales: In addition to just gaining attention, over time, articles can help in persuading the audience in purchasing products or services if trust and credibility is generated.

Making money with blogging:

The next part is related to a previous article in which I explained how blogs are effective to make money, and can be found on the following link:

Why is blogging regarded as an important part of digital marketing?


Wouldn’t it be great if there was only one digital marketing strategy that could increase all your leads by 68%, provide you with 97% more links to your website and would make it 13% more likely for you to enjoy positive ROI? Would you opt for that strategy? Of course, you would have opted for that strategy. Rather, you should. In case you won’t embrace that strategy, it would be like throwing away all the money that you could have earned.

This special strategy is nothing but blogging. Many of you might think that how could blogging alone handle all these stuff but yes it does handle all of these alone.

How blogging helps in improving your efforts of digital marketing?

Blogging can help a lot in improving your potential efforts of digital marketing.

SEO & traffic: When you first launch a website, you need to think that how are the clients going to search for your website. In most of the instances, the clients are not at all aware of the business name. For example, your company name is ABC and you sell widgets, your client is going to search as “widget sales” rather than “ABC”. So, you can make your website visible among the search page results by ranking at the top. For that, you need superb SEO that can drive clients to your website. You can do this by posting regular and high-quality blogs on your website. You need to use various relevant keywords and phrases that can help you in ranking at the top of the search engine results page.

Gaining insight into your audience

Blogging helps in developing your insight skills in various ways. Firstly, when you come up with regular blog topics, you know what your audience loves and what they want. Secondly, capturing the analytics of your blog can help in revealing the trending topics and how your audiences are reacting to your blogs. The more you will come to know about your leads, the better you can mature them up for further growth.

Generation of leads

Once you have gathered all your required traffic, your blog will make your clients interested in interacting with your company. You can address the questions of your clients via your blog, offer real-time solutions and also turn your traffic into effective leads. In this way, you can turn your website traffic into potential leads for your business.

Make Money Blogging


Is it possible to earn money from blogging?

Everyone in this world works to make money. Rather, everyone needs to earn money for a living. In this technology bound world of today, the term “blogging” is often treated as a new job or earning opportunity. And, that is why you also started with your own blogging site. But, you really don’t how to make money from it or is it even possible to make money from blogging? Whether you are running a hobby blog or a blog related to business, it is possible to earn money from it. It is not at all a quick rich job, but with it, you can surely act as a support system for your family and also for yourself. Let’s have a look at how you can easily start to make money from your blogs.

Including affiliated links in your blog content

Affiliate marketing is being known as a powerful tool for monetizing your own blog. It works in simple steps.

  • An advertiser who has a product or service to sell wants to give you commission every time when the buyer comes from your site.
  • The advertiser will provide you with an affiliate link that will track down when a buyer makes a purchase using your link.
  • You can include the affiliated links directly in your blogs or via banner ads.

Utilizing affiliate marketing is really easy. You can use Amazon Associates for making out business with the various affiliate programs.

Use your blog to build credibility

Building up your credibility with blogging can lead you to various opportunities of money making. In case, you are a finance blogger and your blog gets famous with a potential base of readers. You will become popular among your niche and you can get various opportunities for being the co-author of a book. You might also get calls for speaking at a finance conference.

It is not a direct format for making money from your blogs but this thing has worked out for many.

Sell the various forms of digital products

In case you do not want to make money via affiliate ads or if you are looking out for some alternative stream of income, you can start selling digital products on your blog such as eBooks, app plugins, themes, online workshops and many more. For making this a success, you need to assess what your readers want and then roll out your digital products selling venture.

Get the ultimate resources for your blog


Are you a professional blogger? Then you will definitely need some of the resources for your blog. Many people think that blogging is a very easy game but that’s not the case. Blogging comes with the requirement of new content which needs to be unique along with the need for dedication. For a blog to succeed, it takes a lot of time. However, with the wide array of resources that are available today for the bloggers all around, you can easily streamline all your blogging processes with ease. Let’s have a look at some of the resources that you can use for your blog.

Blogging ideas

Blog idea is something that can actually make your blog touch the sky. But, it might be difficult at times to properly come out with a unique blog idea. However, you have got resources for that too. You can find out really interesting topics on Quora. Quora is a platform where you can find a huge number of conversations every minute. You can pick up some hot topic and mould it into your own blog idea. There is also a platform known as HubSpot that can generate blog ideas according to your preference.

Optimize your blog content

Keywords are something that can help your blog to reach the top of the search results page. SEO is so much important today that with effective SEO your blog can stand out in no time. You can use Google Keyword Planner that will help you in researching about your keywords. You can analyze which keywords will suit your blog and will be the most effective for making your blog reach out to the public. In today’s world of competition, SEO can actually do wonders. So, for making your blog famous, try using effective keywords.

Make or find your own image

In case you do not have enough images of your own for your blog, there are various sources from you can get royalty-free images. Blogging requires enough interactive content for attracting audience. If you are done with your own images, try outsourcing them. You can use various platforms like Pixabay where you can find your required image. No need to worry as they come with no copyright. You can even make your own image out of those. Make sure that your content is interactive in all aspects and it needs to contain enough images.



Become successful with your own blog


With the changing scenario of the job sector today, people are turning towards something innovative in their own way. Most of the youngsters are not a supporter of 9 to 5 jobs. According to the recent surveys, 90% of the people are of the notion of starting their own blog just for being their own boss. The blog will indeed make you your own boss, but that is not that easy. A blog is something where you will be sharing your own ideas and concepts by writing various posts. You can start your own blog on any imaginable topic, it can be on pet culture or on food too. Blogging does not come with any boundaries. That is why it is regarded as a platform where young people can share their voice with the whole world and also earn from that.

Perks of blogging

With blogging, you can connect personally to your audience, and you can communicate with them from a personal perspective. Blogging makes audience interaction an easy game. You can share your ideas with all your like-minded audience. In fact, you can build up a structure of trust with them. When you have enough confidence from your audience, you can start earning money from your blog.

How to start a blog?

Before getting ahead with your own blog, make sure of the idea that why do you want to start your blog. You need to have a clear idea on your mind that you are doing it for this specific purpose. Make sure that you do it seriously if you really want to succeed. Blogging comes with various steps:

  • Pick up your blog name: Your blog name is the thing that will attract people at first. You can choose your blog name from the niche of your bog or right from your hobbies or life experiences. Make sure that your blog name is descriptive enough.
  • Make your blog visible online: The next step is going online and reaching out to the world. You can get a wide array of website choices for your blog.
  • Customising: Uniquely customise your blog. Avoid going cliché and try something unique with the design and presentation.
  • Content: This is the most critical aspect of a blog. You need to share something unique that attracts people. Try to share as many images or videos you can. Always try to be interactive.