Aldous Huxley: Brave New World & Douglas Adams: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

This is a story about two books, one it has been written before the end of the Second World War, and moreover some facts and science were ahead of time, so much ahead of time that it created a new paradigm in science. Talking about Brave New World. I actually read the Italian translation, but […]

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Technology and Future Trends

The rapid growth and development of technology in the last century is incredible, moreover it seems that all these innovative super ideas are just the beginning and as things stand right now, we are definitely going to enter an age of high-tech developments, moreover i think that the days aren’t too far when super intelligent […]

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Family outings and vacations- Why is it important?

In this article the writer explained one of the reasons of my pleasure in travelling. Each and every person in today’s life is busy with something or other, then may that be office work, social activities, schools, colleges and whatnot. It’s very important to get some space from these daily activities and find some quality […]

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Keeping healthy and in balance

In life, business and personal is important to keep healthy habits, be motivated, stick to goals and diet properly and take the right food supplements. For this purpose , I’m starting with a promotional message that then is going to be related to this site. Even though not always an easy and feasible option, one […]

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Regents University

According to a Survey conducted in UK, Regents University, is placed in the top 100 in UK for BA in Psychology, International Business, Event Management and other degrees. This news, is in relations to the education level provided by the College, which provide Advanced education in the field of Commerce, Communication, Health, Politics among its […]

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Antibody naturally generated

According to a research from the Swiss Italian University of Lugano (USI), describe two new non conventional antibodies which are generated from malaria parasites. From a study conducted at their Institue for Reasearch in Biomedicine (IRB), in collaboration with other public Trusts and Research Programmes in Kenya, Mali and Tanzania, it has been discovered that […]

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Indian Politics

This topic is to differ from the previous posts. According to the financial times, many other countries have difficulties in establishing a relation with the tax payers, as well as counting who pays and who’s not. In fact, many people according to the financial times, spend a lot of time asking revenue and services from […]

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Crisis hitting the U.S.

According to Bluewin, a Swiss Telecom provider, which quotes the New York Times, the United States has recently been hitten by a Huricane, Huricane Harvey,this Huricane apparently is tearing a part a small part of the Gulf Coast, and needs to be counteracted, by providing help and support toward the people in need in Texas.

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Politics in the U.S.

Recent development in the U.S. provided by news from the Financial Times, indicate that Pres. Donald Trump, is leading the United States in chaos, this news is one of the many critizing the leadership skills and practice that he has developed via running his enterprise. Sadly, this often times is proclamed as true, and given […]

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