Top 10 Activities for Dubai

In this post I will provide a small list of top touristic activities for upmarket tourist.

1.Bus Hop on and Off

The most touristic and common touristic attraction, with the Hop on and off tourist bus, you see most of the city within few days.

2.Fish Souk

Don’t be fooled by the smell of the fish, here is all about the dealing and contracting.

3.Gold Souk

Defined as a central market, the gold market of Dubai is where most of the deals with precious stones and gold happen.

4.Visit Sheykh Zayed Road

Almost as a Manhattan of the middle east, Sheykh Zayed Road is full of Hotels and Skyscrapers, something of a spectacular view.

5.Visit Jumairah Road

Jumairah Beach Resort, the Road and the palace are among the best sceneries that Dubai can offer, even if is full of turist, this stop allow to see most of the beaches and the pier.

6.Restaurant eating

Many famous chefs and restaurant have opened branches in Dubai, personally I tried few of them and open to new suggestions, here you can find all the best dishes from A to Z, without worrying about the quality.

7.Visit Hotels

Dubai has many hotels which have become like art galleries with Theaters and shopping centers.

8.Visit Malls

No visit to Dubai is complete without a visit to its Shopping Centers, also known as Malls, they offer everything, entertainment and art, one has even an acquarium and another has a ski slope, so remember to try it.

9.Visit Acqua parks

Excellent for the kids and grown ups, they offer entertainment for all ages.

10.Desert Safari.
Last but not least, Dubai is sorrounded by amazing activities such as desert safaries, where you will be driven in the dunes, experience desert cusine and belly dancers, now this is an activity that I havent experienced in a while, the desert safari is definitely on my to do list, as well as, Skydiving and waterjets.

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