Development of an e-Commerce site

Nowadays, e-commerce has become truly global, and there are many platforms on the market, from Shopify, to Magento, offer solutions for new and wannabes digital marketers.

However, the biggest of the corporations such as e-bay or amazon, have built their entire ecosystem upon serving the market of buying and selling online, thus becoming online marketplace.

There are many problems when thinking about online development, from the design of the database or data warehouse, to the actual coding of the function required to extract and elaborate data.

I am starting to get a bit of a headache from thinking on how to implement security, create a data warehouse for login where everybody can register and submit orders.

Another point of check is the security measures in place to be implemented, online e-commerce, similarly to online content management system, need to have some security into place, and this is required as data may become sensitive and important, as well as to provide opportunity for development of standards in security and build trust.