My Thoughts of Peace

Is my intention with this statement to act and to show support toward the victims and the innocents afflicted by today’s terrorist act, the true meaning of Islam is the spread of Peace, and sustain Talks, Communication and Engagement.

Even though some British media this morning said that many witnesses heard people saying that some people were speaking in Arabic, it does not mean that the culprit are Arabs,  or Muslims as Arabic is the lingua franca of Islam as well as many of the countries around the world, as English is the language of Britain, U.S. and commerce nowadays and Mandarin and Cantonese is the language of China, etc.

Imam Hussain (pubh) said do not raise your weapons or swords on other people, so I want to ask for however reads, do not raise your weapons on other people. As weapons are not meant to hurt or protect but are simple tools, and with all tools, right and wrong can be done.

The meaning of my argument is the will and wish of non violence, as violence brings only anger.

Last week, news came that during the celebrations of the end of the holy month of Ramadan a terrible terrorist attack happened in my country of origin. An attack which demonstrated the atrocities which when people lose faith, have not will of dialogue, a main principle of faith and become full of hate and become worst than monsters by despising the innocent lifes of who struggles everyday. During my life, this is seen to be happening, and should and has to be avoided, hopefully the prayers of each one of us should be toward the innocent lifes lost. All around the world, minorities always have a difficult life, and should not be of condemnation or hatred toward whos in power, but a reminder of how fragile we are, as well as understanding that when in majority ruling there is no doubt that this also should be avoided. Act like this are atrocities which have to be considered worst than barberian acts, should considered and have to be seen as act of genocyde. In life, as in the afterlife, our time is a gift, which has been allowed only through dialogue, understanding and peace, we all strive to become better human beings and better than our aspirations, even when aspirations are high and mighty as the skies,