Electrical Projects

This week in University was quite eventful. From understanding the organizational learning challenges to visiting a corporation, Juri Electronics (www.juri-elettronica.ch/) in Quinto, switzerland where we also witnessed a tragic event, that has to demonstrate the need for health services, safety, and proper infrastructure. Furthermore, the need of keeping regional health services accessible and available in rural areas. Another example was what happened today.

Today in Managerial Economics, we got introduced to the privatization.
For instance, some classmates explained the privatization of the rails in the UK, the electric grid system in the Nordic countries and a presentation on the introduction of the Universal Services in the 1890s of Royal Mail, probably after the studies and publications of John Stuart Mill on the need of Utilities. However, this is not always possible, and foreign Governments, could intervene and help those in need.

Today I came across to this article, and it reminded of the presentation of some classmates in University in Lugano. Moreover, it served as a reminder to me of how important is to develop infrastructure. During the studies in London, I made a project of a small grid for a neighborhood in Iraq, other countries, such as Haiti, could benefit from help and support, in fact, by installing solar panels and cabling the system, everything can develop as a small grid, furthermore, after a small research, it come to mind that water and sanitation can be a big issue, I remember when I was little, and made a trip to Iraq, and the major issue, a side from electricity cuts, was water and sanitation, as well for small Island this can be an issue, but with installation of water condesers, and desalinisations plants, part of this can be tackled, and for this example, I bring to you the example of the Emirates, which have very little water supplies, but with water condensation, desalinisation, and thank to the lord, also few water springs, they somehow managed to tackle in part this problem,

This in turn can be transformed into a grid, in the beginning, could be useful and then conceived as a Distributed network, as explained in a blog post of Schneider (http://blog.schneider-electric.com/utilities/2014/11/27/transformation-dno-dso/).

The communities of Canaan, Haiti, are organizing and building infrastructure post-earthquake — without the imprimatur (or tax money) of being an official city.

via The Birth of a City, in Fits and Starts — Longreads