Helping those in need

People around the world flee from war and famine, and everyday try to escape poverty in order to survive. These people, are not different than other people, they are human beings, but all around the world according as a definition, are called refugee.

They setup camps, or live seek refuge in barracs, try to cross rivers, lakes and seas, in order to try to reach places, in which as a difference from where they grew, there is no war or famine.

Everyone of them, walks thousands of kilometres, and always hope for the best, in all situations.

Corporations on the other hand, seem indifferent to these situations, and many governments label them as thugs, or delinquents.

Is understandable checkpoints, and documents controls, rules and regulations most of the time apply to everybody. But, labelling simply does not solve a problem. Many corporations around the world, are only profit seeking, and with the profits, they either reinvest, or keep it for shareholders, without considering those in need.

Just think about it, if all the wealth is kept only with few, and these are not distributed, how just it is to the world in which living we are living.