Last year so far, I travelled only to Gstaad, meta for the wealthy and rich, these little place of heaven in the middle of the snowy mountains of switzerland offers everything, here is a top 3 list of what to do in Gstaad:

  1. Eat Fondue
  2. Hiking
  3. Sight Seeing and again Eating Fondue:
    for eating fondue, Gstaad offers many little restaurants which offer these delicacy, only rivalled by its other famous dish, the Raclette, eating meat which slowly get cooked in a soup, is a fantastic feeling when surrounded by snow.Hiking:
    Gstaad is a lovely, lovely, lovely little town, that offers great scenery for who likes to travel, seeing the swiss alps full of snow, and the amazing Palace surrounded by Snow is good for the lovers of photography.
    (and gives a small impression of a Disneyland trip).3. Sight Seeing
    As explained before, the snow, the little boutiques, the restaurants, even the people, in this small posh area gives an amazing feeling, moreover I guarantee you, when going there, after all the noise and pollution of big cities, this area of peace gives a new perspective on the world.

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