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What do I love most

The wonderful thing about Switzerland, not only the scenery, the waterfalls in Valle Verzasca, the amazing scenery of the Valle di Blenio, the lakes of Locarno, Lugano, are just few of the best parts, and these are just relating to the scene in the italian part, but its multiculture, even though often forgotten, it should […]

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Data management and handling

Whenever making travel arrangements, we provide data for safety and security, from credit cards to identity cards, all for the reason of being identified as a traveler, this helps in operations and management of passangers, as well as keeping with current technologies. Data is used also in industries such as the aviation, as an example, […]

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Privacy and data policies

This post relates to the information technologies, why should we care about data privacy or handling of data? As a point of start, data, are all pieces of information handled and transmitted that can be used and communicated via the service provider and the telecommunication companies. Nowadays, data is used and transmitted for usage of […]

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Electrical Projects

This week in University was quite eventful. From understanding the organizational learning challenges to visiting a corporation, Juri Electronics in Quinto, where we also witnessed a tragic event, that has to demonstrate the need for health services, safety, and proper infrastructure. Furthermore, as another example was what happened today. Today in class, we got introduced […]

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Helping those in need

People around the world flee from war and famine, and everyday try to escape poverty in order to survive. These people, are not different than other people, they are human beings, but all around the world according as a definition, are called refugee. They setup camps, or live seek refuge in barracs, try to cross […]

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Today’s topic will be that of travelling, online there are plenty of new resources, from comparison sites, to group travel businesses, in my experience is best not to organise every aspect of the trip, but leave some part to the beauty of culture and explorations. Online resources are plenty to find good restaurants and things […]

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