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The place where I live Tessin #2

Probably was hypocritical as a blog post the previous one, as where I live, people are nice, friendly and growing in a loving family only which only has given me care and love, which is something that not we all have. Life here, not only is proving thankfully (to God - Allah - whoever it/she/he … Continue reading The place where I live Tessin #2


Microsoft Windows 10 or not

Today I am comparing the various version of Microsoft Windows, there are mainly 4 different versions available, Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise and University. The difference between the versions is clear, the only problem is the cost, another alternative would be to install Microsoft Windows Server, which I suppose is the evolution for IIS and … Continue reading Microsoft Windows 10 or not

When Content is King, Who is the Queen?

Writing content online is a process that tends and needs to be planned. Most of the news media have an agenda and an editorial plan which establish the content released. This blog starts as a small experiment to see the capacity and the likelihood of the people and the writer, personally is interesting to find … Continue reading When Content is King, Who is the Queen?

Pasta, Pizza, Spaghetti e tante altre cose

Stranamente, ogni parte del mondo che si viaggia, la cucina che più che conosciuta al mondo è sempre quella italiana, anche se spesso le conoscenze sui piatti sono limitati. Ogni regione in Italia e Svizzera è conosciuta soprattutto per le capacità culinarie oltre alle conoscenze e l'ospitalità che offre la zona. Gli Italiani nel mondo … Continue reading Pasta, Pizza, Spaghetti e tante altre cose

Development of an e-Commerce site

Nowadays, e-commerce has become truly global, and there are many platforms on the market, from Shopify, to Magento, offer solutions for new and wannabes digital marketers. However, the biggest of the corporations such as e-bay or amazon, have built their entire ecosystem upon serving the market of buying and selling online, thus becoming online marketplace. … Continue reading Development of an e-Commerce site

Social Media’s Age

In 2012, i published in Regents University a Thesis by the title: To What Extent did Social Media Influence Integrated Marketing Communication, with the aim of analysing the influence which Social Networks and Social Media have on Marketing Communication, at that point I was introduced to Pinterest at the time, was a relatively new social media … Continue reading Social Media’s Age

My Opinion on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

This post is the first post that is going to be discuss about this new recently acquired gadget, The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. From a design point of view, the 8.9" is very light and compact, perfectly usable for travelling, and not carrying the iPad, performance wise, I appreciate the improve made with the fingerprint … Continue reading My Opinion on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

My Thoughts of Peace

Is my intention with this statement to act and to show support toward the victims and the innocents afflicted by today's terrorist act, the true meaning of Islam is the spread of Peace, and sustain Talks, Communication and Engagement. Even though some British media this morning said that many witnesses heard people saying that some … Continue reading My Thoughts of Peace