Microsoft Windows 10 or not

Today I am comparing the various version of Microsoft Windows, there are mainly 4 different versions available, Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise and University.

The difference between the versions is clear, the only problem is the cost, another alternative would be to install Microsoft Windows Server, which I suppose is the evolution for IIS and Exchange, whereas the Enterprise and the Pro are more related to the Windows NT editions.

Microsoft always adopted the TCP setting, and it seem that development on OSX for software is much more complicated than the other versions, however, when developing in OSX Apple provides for free xCode, whereas on Windows Machines any developer is obliged to buy Visual Studio, unless using other available IDE.

Another point of comparison between OSX and WIN10 is the compatibility of drivers. Windows 10 is not machine locked, compared to OSX where each hardware or machine has it as a basic operating system, online is possible to download for both machine Linux, which is Free, but its configuration from a point of view of system configuration and security is more complex.