My Opinion on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

This post is the first post that is going to be discuss about this new recently acquired gadget, The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

From a design point of view, the 8.9″ is very light and compact, perfectly usable for travelling, and not carrying the iPad, performance wise, I appreciate the improve made with the fingerprint ID, in the old Samsung Galaxy S5, the fingerprint ID seems too ruggish, and each time the finger get swapped seems like passing my finger on a rugged carpet.

Now on the technical side, as a difference from the iPads, Samsung offer the option of extending its memory capacity with adding a memory card, function very useful if you take photos or would like to carry large files. The User Interface is very similar, a side from the initial screen, where Samsung has clearly adopted the menu bar feel, where the icons of the most common and useful apps are located, allow for immediate usage and selection. however, going furthermore, the menu apps on the other hand are very similar, both providing icons for every apps.

In the future, I hope I will be able to provide some benchmark testing on the difference between the Tab S2 and the iPad Air 2 in terms of CPU, RAM and GPU.