Blog Experts, is a company located in Switzerland with the aim of researching and finding the best and most relevant content in terms of Business, Arts, Technology, Fashion and Sports.

Started in 2016, the aim is to become a leader and the most influencer on the web and off the web for informations and news about internet marketing, blogs and media communications.

Currently starting its activities with research from established sources and reliable media, Blog Experts, Mission Statement is: “A little word from and to the Web” meaning to provide reliable communications which are then communicaticated around the World.


Ali Mahdi,  from Switzerland, is the owner and director of blogexperts.net.

Ranging with works in the field of Information Technology, a passion in IT grew since 6 years old with an old 486/16bit purchased by the father and used by my two older brothers, since then, studied IT, obtained a BA in Marketing and studied International Relations to a Postgraduate level. Currently enrolled in University of Lugano – U.S.I. in Management Studies.

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