Politics in the U.S.

Recent development in the U.S. provided by news from the Financial Times, indicate that Pres. Donald Trump, is leading the United States in chaos, this news is one of the many critizing the leadership skills and practice that he has developed via running his enterprise. Sadly, this often times is proclamed as true, and given by previous literature, in fact, Donald Trump is a Business Leader, which has first gained Business skills and then learned Leadership skills via campaigning. As a difference from many other predecessors which have had experience in government and then run the campaign as experienced public office professionals.
The question to be ask, how is it possible that it has not be seen in precedence? In reality, and objectively speaking, Paul Krugman, wrote a clear small text, an essay explaining, how, a Country is not a Corporation, giving example on how governemt of business and government of a state differ, as the two, run on different economic principles, and that even if both business and economics principles might agree somehow, they differ in how the objectively are developed. For example, in Krugman’s book, is explained that for a business, having more work and employment would allow for a better revenue stream and a better economic system, whereas, in government, the fact that a country has more jobs, would and does require also more machinery and equipment, thus running the country would be lead toward a more trade deficit, instead of a surplus in its balance of payments. Furthermore, a Government Leader, is allowed to hire and dismiss its staff at will, but Business Leaders on the other hand, are limited with the staff and the budget.
To conclude this article, I personally reccomend all the readers to read the small book called: A country is not a corporation and thus have a better idea on how business and government can learn from each other.