Regents University

According to a Survey conducted in UK, Regents University, is placed in the top 100 in UK for BA in Psychology, International Business, Event Management and other degrees.
This news, is in relations to the education level provided by the College, which provide Advanced education in the field of Commerce, Communication, Health, Politics among its field of studies.
Having to compete in prestige, with Universities such as the University of London, with UCL, Imperial College, LSE and other educators, Regent’s College, not only is able to provide the best education, but moreover, is able to compete with Business Challenges, for example the IBM Business Challenge, at an exceptional level, which outshine its competitors.
Obviously, it seems that this is a simple message of propaganda and communication aimed at provide a commercial message toward my readership, however, i would like to point the opposite.
In fact, the vast majority of my readership, have been established by building a network of individuals from my education and work experience, which denotes how and why this article is vital, in fact, this article is a way of expressing gratitude and thanks for the education and skills provided for life and work.
While in UK, many of the moments spent in Uni, were either in class, or spent with friends and collegues. This allowed me to improve on my own skills on how to be a good future employer and a better collegue.
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