Setting up WordPress

I would like to introduce to every visitor the magnificient technology of WordPress.
There is a statistic that explains that 80% of website builts on the Internet, are running WordPress.
This is not surprising, as WordPress allows to cut time in Visual Development and coding from all the programming languages available, and allow for easy to use and easy to run installation of plugins.
As most technicians, are involved in the development and coding, the main question is, what programming language is it based? For this answer, personally I dont have a clear answer, but I could presume, HTML and CSS for the basic formatting, and PHP for the dynamic pages.
Now that the technical part is out, what is the requirement for running and installing WordPress, well, basically, there are no requirement on local machine, beside the editor provided and the IOS and Android apps for editing the notes and write content.
Furthermore, based on the principle of GNU, the licensing of WordPress is free.
However, domain and website development are not, this is where the specialists of WordPress provide technical support and feedback. Just in case that anyone needs some technical help I’m more than willing to spare some time and some tips in the future about how to implement it.