Social Media’s Age

In 2012, i published in Regents University a Thesis by the title: To What Extent did Social Media Influence Integrated Marketing Communication, with the aim of analysing the influence which Social Networks and Social Media have on Marketing Communication, at that point I was introduced to Pinterest at the time, was a relatively new social media platform for pinning photos, we can easily say a form or method of pin board, obviously many of us prefer to have a pin board, however, this is not always possible, and convenient, as well as ecologically viable. Nowadays, its use is more and more common, moreover it allows for the share of Infograpgphics more easily. Pinterest compared to the rest of social media, is more of a board, where users can post comments, and tag images or infographs, similar to Instagram, however different as it allows for sharing of notes and texts, in this case and view is more similar to facebook, however, i would add also that it can be of great use for posting Mangas, and drawings if scanned. Is this a revolution of the written media or simply an evolution? Who knows, for the moment is best to wait and see.