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Strategy Friday #4 Blockchain as an open innovation

June 7, 2019 Ali Comments Off

Recently I have been reading a lot in regards of Business and Management, as a difference to the regular approach to corporate visits, which is something I would enjoy doing, however, haven’t been contacted to visit them and be given insight.

So for this reason, if you enjoy reading about business, and would like a better insight, why not engage me in real person for a visit.

Anyhow, today topic is something of a passion in which I have invested a little and have the chance of being around of extraordinary circumstances and people who are in the business.

Today topic is in reference to Blockchain, a technology which is pure open innovation, something which has many applications, from Government with e-Government projects to the energy sector.

Blockchain, I have been reading in Don Tapscott book, can be an innovative solution for the future 100 years.

Already advertised on TV through TV shows, it’s applications are many.

The most interesting perhaps is the electrical utility concept, as it can improve the situation of many countries, for example, Iraq, in which electricity offering is not stable and many people use Diesel Generators, this polluting the environment and raising the global temperature, in which during summer reaches to over 50 degrees Celsius.

Blockchain used for electrical metering can notify immediate power outages and surges, as well as allow for smart metering.

Blockchain with the internet of things can be a success story which allows for future generations to reap the benefit.

I imagine a future where most of the energy is renewable this not polluting, or only minimally. In conclusion, strategically speaking, Blockchain is an enabler technology and a gateway to future technology.