#Strategy Friday #3 Edge Strategies

Welcome to my blog, where I discuss everything from Innovations and Strategy. Today topic is about competitive strategy and corporate strategy. More precisely on how resources and competencies align with customer requirement and corporate strategy. This topic is still in review, but I decided to publish part of the reading which I am doing. Companies […]


Open Innovation VS Closed Innovation

Welcome to my blog, in this blog i discuss about innovation, management and business strategy. Today topic is a discussion between a concept in innovation that is defined as type of innovation strategy. Nowadays, innovation discussion is clearly a critical dimension in any dynamic approach to business, as it allows businesses to achieve and defend […]

Strategy Friday

Hello and welcome back to Strategy Friday, the place where i discuss strategies theories for organisations. Today topic is about the theory developed by professor Micheal Porter from Harvard Business School. This theory is used widely by organisations as a contrast to the Blue Ocean Strategy. I will discuss the Blue Ocean Strategy in my […]

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