Technology: Automobile future

According to a report from the FT, UK and France, are planning to ban the sale of combustion cars by 2040. This ban is a negative influence on the economy, due to the need of the re-qualification and re-education of many jobs in the mechanics industry. Car communiting is the same, but mechanics are different, even though the author does not possess this information for certain, as the reperibility and the analysis of the engine would require a high budget of operations.

This education of the workforce would require new skills and new trainings in the information technology, as well as in the automotive industry.
Furthermore, this revolution can be seen as further step into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as indicated by Klaus Schwab, in his book, the 4th industrial revolution. Many people think that this is crazy, and irrational, to switch from classic combustion, toward a more technological different system, which have a different system of operation and running. Its support, its expertise requirements will require many more additional studies and education, however, this can be seen and should be seen only as a motivating mechanism for employing and giving more liquidity internationally.
The FT states, that the IEA (International Energy Agency) forecast 20m cars by 2020, this is a brilliant news for the people worried about climate change and pollution. Whereas for the skeptics usually is seen as an exageration, the main point into consideration, instead of being toward which adoption of political climate view to adopt, should be, an opportunity is rising, more people will be employed and more people can be allowed to earn a wage, thus allowing for a more prosperous society, so why not allow the future to be a win-win situation?