Ticino as the New Center of Creativity

In recent years, in Ticino – Switzerland many big fashion houses started to setup their businesses, from Gucci with its logistic centre near Bellinzona, to Philippe Plein with its HQ in Lugano, most of this companies seem attracted from the multicultural and economy of the region, with easy access to Italy, France and Germany, this little but not so little area of an evolving Switzerland is becoming more and more fashion conscious and fashion forward, and major investments also in Infrastructure are enabling the development of this cultural and economic area. Moreover, little is it known, however, the ETH from Zurich has its powerful calculation center located in Ticino.

This little Country in the middle of Europe is a powerful fulcrum for future hopefully bright developments, which have start to seen as infrastructure is continually updated and developed and technology is researched and developed, Ticino and Switzerland, have a dream of continuosly implement advanced research and integration with its population, for you readers I hope this will be in the future an opportunity to explore and visit as tourist and investors.