Top 5 things about Christmas

Here is a short list of the things I like and dislike about Christmas.

Starting from the dislike

  1. Sales

Seems that everywhere you go there is an item which you can get discounted and is about commerce.

  1. Flu season

I don’t work and am not in the field of medicine, but I think the doctors in this period are busy.

  1. Money and Charities

It seems that shortage of money is far from happening. And each one is concerned about charity only in this period.

  1. Behavior

Everyone waiting for gifts from Santa?

  1. Sun and ice

Wherever I go the snow has turned into ice and is ultra slippery.

the likes are:

  1. People are nice

Everyone seems more friendly.

  1. Decorations everywhere

It seems that for a change at least this time of the year there is more to see than just boutiques.

  1. Weather

A side from the ice, when it snowy is cosy, when is sunny is heartwarming.

  1. Travel

Time to visit new and old places.

  1. Food

A difference between summer and winter is also the specialities, with dishes such as truffle risotto or linguine with lobster.