When Content is King, Who is the Queen?

Writing content online is a process that tends and needs to be planned. Most of the news media have an agenda and an editorial plan which establish the content released. This blog starts as a small experiment to see the capacity and the likelihood of the people and the writer, personally is interesting to find the content online, however more and more time is spent to write, without taking into consideration what influence want or would like to have the readership. Since the start of this blog, not many posts have been published, and WordPress as a platform is excellent to publish content, however its capabilities to be referred or referenced without proper knowhow is a bit of a trickery. Kindly whoever reads my post, feel free to ask or write comments on what kind of content is the best. But to remain on topic, as Videos and Images tend to be posted more and more often, its possible to say that Interaction and Engagement is the queen of the Internet, as all this media without interaction tend to be only a point of view with few opportunities if not at all of growth.